This week we want to see your tribute in postcard form to an artist who’s paintings you admire.

I’ve always liked Van Gogh and the look of texture he created with his painting so he was my choice.

Show us your 6″x4″ creations. Use any medium you like ~ paint, fabric, canvas, collage, stamping…… and then post a comment with the link to your art on your blog/flickr/photobucket, etc.

We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful creations.

Donna and Mandy xx



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25 responses to “Artists

  1. Donna

    Hope you all have fun, here’s mine………….

  2. Audrey Meijs

    My entry is on my blog!

    Thanx for looking.

  3. kreativgeschwafel

    very interesting theme.
    here’s my entry for this sunday:

  4. Great Theme!!!!
    Here is my entry!
    Thanks für looking!

  5. Mine is on my blog, it’s a terrible scan…
    Thanks for looking

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  7. well i had to work with what i have on hand, so i came up with this kind of funky Frida thing 🙂

  8. Mine is on my blog…I chose Leonardo Da Vinci.

    ~~~Thanks for looking!

  9. i did a Klimt postcard 🙂

  10. magickdiva

    I’m new here – you’ll find my entry on my blog


  11. Hello, this is a great challenge!!!

    here’s mine:

    Hope you like it!!!


  12. This was a hard challenge for me and as a result my card is rather simplistic! Could use a black border. But then how many cards are honoring Grant Wood and American Gothic?

  13. fragmentedmentalconfetti

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