Mona in Art

This week we have our very first guest artist ~ Fatma! Fatma is a stunning artist and you can see some of her work on her blog ~

Fatma has chosen the theme of Mona in Art for this weeks 6 x 4″ postcard challenge! We are looking forward to seeing all your fabulous 6″ x 4″ creations…. collaged, painted, hand-drawn, in fabric, stamped…. what ever medium you choose to use!

Have fun and enjoy!


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29 responses to “Mona in Art

  1. sundaypostcardart

    This should be a fun theme Fatma! Thanks for being our first guest hostess 🙂

    Here’s mine…..


  2. Sandy

    Fantastic Theme Fatma, thanks.
    Here is my Mona.
    Thanks for looking.

  3. fatmasplace

    birds are singing, the sun is shining. wish you a great sunday

  4. Audrey Meijs

    Mona is on my blog!


  5. my entry is on my Blog
    please unspam me

  6. kreativgeschwafel

    Mona Lisa is always a great theme.
    Here’s my entry:

  7. this is my entry for today, and i like this theme

  8. hermaf

    Thank’s for this great theme!
    Here is mine

  9. I loved this theme. Thanks for the weekly challenges.

  10. I have missed the last couple of challenges, time just moves so fast. Here is my Mona, thanks for looking:

  11. love your work fatma..thought I would do a mad surreal Mona..check out my blog!

  12. I loved doing this! Thanks Mandy, Donna and Fatma.

  13. Here is my Mona Lisa. Hope you all like her.

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