This week we challenge you to visit the bird world and show us your postcards featuring our feathered friends.  Realistic, fun, whimsical, zettified……..all birds are welcome!!  

We are look forward to seeing all your art this week, whether it is collage, stamping, mixed media, fabric, digital, hand drawn or any thing you like doing to make your ‘BIRDS’ 6×4″ postcard.

Mandy and Donna xx



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37 responses to “Birds

  1. Donna

    Here’s mine…….

    Hope you enjoy playing along with this challenge

  2. Donna

    And because I love the theme birds I made a couple more!

    And a painted one on my other blog…..

  3. kreativgeschwafel

    Wonderful theme again.
    Here’s my entry;

  4. I love this challenge!!!! This is my PostCard:

    Hope you like it!!!


  5. Audrey Meijs

    My entry is on my blog!


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  7. Great theme, couldn’t stop myself and did two. One’s on my blog,(my favourite) the other on Flickr.
    Thanks for looking

  8. Just found your blog..great challenge! Might give it a try :-).

    Love the parrots!

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  10. Here’s my owl submission:

    Birds are always a favorite theme. Thanks for a great challenge and TFL!

  11. Wonderful challenge again this week, thanks so much. Here’s mine:

  12. Heres mine. Love these weekly challenges.

  13. My very first Sunday Postcard can be found

  14. kreativgeschwafel

    Love your theme … here’s another card from me:

  15. great challenge check my bird one on my blog

  16. I went a little nuts, ended up making 3 postcards and 2 altered rolos. !!!! This theme is the best…I love birds!!

  17. abbeyjo

    I have had a go too – my first ‘challenge’ on this blog

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