Wings and Crowns

This week we’d love to see your 6×4″ postcard creations that have wings and crowns on! Anything you’d like to fairy-fy is good with us…. how about some fairies for starters? bees, butterflies, birds, people with crowns and wings…

We’d love to see your postcard art work!

Donna & Mandy xx


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38 responses to “Wings and Crowns

  1. Here is my card. Thanks for looking.

    Have a nice day.

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  3. Hi, my entry is on my blog!

  4. Crown and wings do not have to belong to the same person, do they? Here´s my couple:

  5. dutchstamptramp

    Great theme again. Here is my entry for this week. Thanks for looking.

  6. Great to pull out some stamps I have not used for a long time….
    here is mine:

  7. Oh i love this theme!!!!! This is my postcard:

    Hope you like it!!!!

    Greetzzz from,

  8. I loved this challenge, ladies!

  9. This is my first time to participate to this challenge and it was so fun! Thanks! Here is my card, thanks for looking!!

    Flight number 1

  10. Another great theme. My entry can be found at:

    Thanks so much for looking and I hope your Sunday is filled with wonderment.

  11. I’ve combined the Saturday Workout and Sunday Postcard Art to come up with this piece…

  12. Mine is posted on my blog…..thanks for looking!

  13. I might have been over excited but mine has been on my site for a while. Looking foward the the next one….

  14. Mine is posted on my blog…..thanks for looking!!

  15. Here´s my postcard, thanks for looking!

  16. Here is my answer for this theme. Thank you for looking.

  17. This one of my favorite challenges. Thank You!

    best buds
  18. I’m so excited to join the next challenge! Thanks for a fun site!

  19. Hi all

    I know I´m a little pit late, but my garden needs me so much nowadays, that I have so little time to this little hobby of mine… but here´s my card anyway !

  20. Hi, my entry is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

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