…. what is your chosen hat? Beret? Bowler? Top? Party ….. all hats and all welcome here this week. Let’s see your fabulous creations …. of course on 6×4 postcard size! Love to see a  bit of whimsical hat-wearing on your postcards!

… here’s mine… a TOP HAT!


Donna and Mandy xx



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33 responses to “Hats

  1. Here’s mine. For me an opportunity to use some of my own photographs of flowers so I guess the hat could be called “hybrid”!!


  2. great fun! here’s mine, suffice to say i was in a goofy mood…

    biker chick

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  4. Couldn’t help but go with a Santa hat for this one! Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Does a crown count as a hat? Here’s mine:

  6. I didn’t catch the ‘whimsical’ part of the theme…but here’s what I came up with for ‘hats’…


  7. This was quite fun! I hope you like it. Check out my collage at http://www.venitahawkins.com/blog/.

    All the best!

  8. You can mine on my blog.

    Thank you for looking.


  9. And here´s mine, hat and a little poem…

  10. Hi

    Could you check if my comment has been sent to a spam file as it has not appeared after 24 hours. Many thanks

  11. Ria

    My Postcard for this week!

  12. http://juliavanderwerf.blogspot.com/2008/11/hoedjes.html#links

    Here my hats ! Have a nice weekend and your card is fabulous !

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