Swan Lake

The wonderful and talented Fatma has chosen Swan Lake as a theme to challenge us all!

Let us see your very own interpretation of this theme in 6 x 4″ format.



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44 responses to “Swan Lake

  1. Donna

    Fabulous sample Fatma, thanks for hosting 馃檪
    Here’s mine for this week…..

  2. Fatma’s artistry always blows me away and her Swan Lake is no exception. What a stunning picture!
    My Swan Lake is on my blog.

  3. This one has been very difficult, but here麓s my result:

  4. Such a lovely theme! Here’s mine:

    Degas’s Muse


  5. Thank you for this beautiful theme. I really enjoyed creating my postcard this week.

  6. A beautiful inspiration piece for a somewhat challenging theme.
    My submission is here:

  7. Gorgeous Fatma! Your artwork always blows me away!!! Here is my swan postcard:


  8. Here is my postcard. Great Theme. Thanks.


  9. Here is my postcard. Thanks for looking.

    Great Theme.

  10. Hello all,

    here is my postcard

    Thanks for looking and have a nice sunday.

  11. My first entry for this challenge is on my blog
    You鈥檙e welcome to take a look.

  12. Fatma’s postcard is beautiful and imaginative, as always! Mine is on my blog. Thanks for looking.

  13. 路 My first entry for this challenge is on my blog.
    You鈥檙e welcome to take a look

  14. Hier is mijn Swan Lake bijdrage.
    Here麓s my Swan Lake entry.


  15. My entry is on my blog! Thanks for looking.

  16. My postcard can be seen here….TFL.


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  18. This is beautiful, Fatma. I love it!
    Here is my postcard
    Hope you like it!!!

  19. It’s great. I visit this page for the first time and cannot believe my eyes! Do you also trade these ATC?

    with love,

  20. Oh! This is so beautiful piece of art. Love the picture and colours.
    Here is my lake of swans. Thank you for looking, and happy time for you.


  21. yasmindeboo

    I am a bit late but here is my entry for this weeks challenge – Swan Lake. http://yasmindeboo.wordpress.com

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