A little helper for next week….

…. Marion has issued a challenge next week for us to do postage people postcards, now just in case there are some of you who are unfamiliar with the term here’s a  YouTube video that she made on postage people ……

You’ll also find a fair few examples if you do a spot of googling or do a search on flickr.

Donna and Mandy xx



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15 responses to “A little helper for next week….

  1. What a great video tutorial! I loved it – thanks very much for showing how it’s done! =)

  2. The video tutorial is very informative, not just for making “postage people” but in showing other postcard making techniques (gluing, stamping, collage) in general. Thanks.

  3. Kathy

    Very nice video. I love to watch other people create art. Yay, for YouTube. It turned out lovely.

  4. Thank you for the great tutorial. I believe I could sit here for ever watching you work. It is so interesting.

  5. great video – awesome music! 🙂

  6. Fabulous, easy to follow and understand tutorial! Amazing what can be said without words. I will give this technique a try this week—but no promises as to the outcome. We will see if I can come up with something nice enough to show others!!!
    -hugs, shari xo

  7. Great tutorial. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the Irish music too.

  8. Marion ~ your video is fantastic, so enjoyable to listen and watch you create!!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. This video is fascinating! I cannot believe she created that in less than 10 minutes! The postage people look like a lot of fun! I will be playing this video for my weekly card making group! Thank you!

  10. Marion, I loved the video! Thanks for sharing the technique for making these beautiful postcards. May I ask about the 3-ring binder you used in the video? I’d love to create a binder like this for myself and am curious as to 1) where you find your images and clip art; 2) are the pictures in the binder photocopies or are they the original; and 3) do you use the piece from the binder in your art? Thank you very much! Terry

  11. Terry, thanks for your kind words! First of all I have to say that – as my BIL made the video – the binder is my sister´s … but I have a similar one of course. And no, it doesn´t contain any found images or clipart but only images of her/my rubber stamps. So I use it as a catalogue to find the appropriate stamp and then of course make my original with that stamp.
    HTH, Marion

  12. wow that is just beautiful, im amazed on watching your video how you made the piece just come to such a wonderful work of art, I truley loved it!!
    and other question the music you had playing in the background, can you tell me who its by, I love it.
    hugs NormaJean

  13. Marion, thank you for the information on the binder. Now that’s alot of stamps!

  14. jennie

    Where can I find Transfer Ink? None of the stores around here carry it. Thank You

  15. Debbie Kaste

    Loved the video! Fabulous artwork. Can’t wait to see more. Thanks sooooo much for sharing.
    – Debbie K.

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