4th of July

Okay this week we thought we’d get ready for the forthcoming celebrations in America and have ‘4TH OF JULY’ as our theme. 

So get out the bunting, flags, party hats etc and let’s see what you can all come up with.  As usual all mediums and styles are welcome just make sure it’s 6″ x 4″ in size 🙂

Here’s a sample for you to set the ball rolling……


 Donna and Mandy xx


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37 responses to “4th of July

  1. My ‘4th of July’ card is on my blog!
    Thanks for looking everyone!

  2. My Fourth of July is on my blog. Thanks for the inspiration! The sample picture is fantastic.

  3. The sample is wonderful!

    My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  4. here is my entry for this week’s challenge. Thanks so much for looking!

  5. You’ll find mine on my blog! Thanks for looking


  6. Hi All,

    here is my independence day postcard
    Thanks for looking.
    Have a nice sunday.

  7. Here is my postcard for this week’s challenge : The Fourth of July. http://yasmindeboo.wordpress.com

  8. My postcard is on my blog.Thanks for looking.

  9. What a cute little postcard!!! Happy July 4th to all.

    Here’s my entry:

  10. Hi everyone! My entry can be found here.

  11. What an inspiration this piece is! I’m enjoying all the patriotic vintage images. Thanks for this challenge!

  12. I posted a photo postcard. Be sure and click on the photo to see a surprise!
    Thanks for the challenge!!

  13. Great sample! I’m going to enjoy looking at everyone’s pieces! Here’s mine:

  14. Here’s my (slightly naughty) entry: “A Patriotic Lass”:

    Come check it out, and pick up some freebies on my blog while you’re at it!

  15. Hi everyone, I actually got a chance to make a postcard, Hugs normajean
    Here’s my entry

  16. Jane

    Here is my post card this is my first time doing your challenge I hope to do many more. I hope you like it.
    Luv Jane


  17. My 1st time here… made mine with a special friend in mind… hope he likes it… and any of you who go and look…. thank you for taking the time.


  18. Hi Sunday Post Cards,
    I am flying past July 4th as I am thinking quite a bit about the empty nest I will be left with next fall. My youngest is off to college, which is bittersweet. I am happy for her and sad for me all at the same time!

    Find mt entry at http://www.sharon-artfromtheheart.blogspot.com

    Thanks for looking.

  19. Here’s mine! I used actual family members for this postcard. Happy 4th and thanks for looking.

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