This week’s theme is chosen by Audrey from My Art Place. The theme is NESTS. Here is Audrey’s wonderful sample to inspire you all to make your 6 x 4″ postcards…. cant wait to see what you make!


Mandy & Donna xx


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42 responses to “Nests

  1. My nest is on my blog, thanks for looking!
    Just click on my name, please!

  2. Donna

    Great sample Audrey, thanks for hosting 🙂
    Mine is here….

  3. Here is my nest.
    Thanks for looking.

  4. My card is on my blog
    Thanks so much for looking!

  5. Thanks to Audrey for her most beautiful sample picture. Mine is on my blog.

  6. Audrey’s sample is beautiful! Thank you for a great theme! You can find my nest here:

  7. Wow! Gorgeous card, Audrey! Mine is posted on my blog.

  8. My postcard is on my blog!


  9. Great theme! Here’s mine: Birds Fly Home

    ~~~TLF! – Kris

  10. Hello,
    here is my card:
    Thanks for looking!
    Have a nice sunday!

  11. My nest is on my blog. Have a nice sunday, all.

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  13. Audrey Meijs

    Hi, I hope you all will join us this week.
    Donna and Mandy Thank you for asking me to host this challenge!

    My entry is on my blog:

  14. Hi All,

    my nest is on my blog
    Thanks for looking.
    Have a nice sunday.

  15. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  16. Thank you Audrey for this great theme! This is my postcard:

    Hugs, Nans.

  17. My entry is on my blog. Thank you for looking.

  18. Couldn´t resist this wonderful theme! Here´s my card:

  19. My nest is on my blog!
    peggy’s amusement!
    thanks for the sunday fun!!

  20. Fun theme. Great sample!

    Mine postcard is here….


  21. Here is my Nest. Thanks for looking! Followers wecome!

  22. My late entry is on my blog.Thanks for looking!

  23. Here is my entry
    Thanks for an interesting challenge.

  24. Gorgeous inspiration piece Audrey, Love your challenge! Here is my postcard:

  25. What a cool challenge, Audrey! Here’s my entry: “Nesting Habits”

    Go check it out, and be sure to scroll down and pick up my FREE Altered Art kit while you’re there!

  26. what wonderful art work.!!!!!

    thanks for taking time to look.


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  28. Here is my nest.

    Audrey’s sample is beautiful!


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