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This week’s theme is FISH.

Please make your ART on a 6×4″ postcard size. Any and all media welcome.

Can’t wait to see your wonderful creations featuring fish.

a fishy tale  sample by Mandy

Donna & Mandy xx


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Botanica Sampler

Another week over and another week of wonderful Postcard ArtWork.

Thanks to all who joined in this unusual theme. Thank you also to Cathy for hosting and choosing the Botanica theme. Cathy has chosen a small selection of Postcards to show us some of the fabulous work we have seen this week.

cindy mccath bot  Cindy McMath

darlene bot  Darlene

diane botingsandnature   Dianne

judy nzSPA238_2  Judy NZ

marie Botanical_postcard  Marie

Mandy & Donna  xx


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Good Morning Sunday Postcard Artists!

This week Cathy has chosen BOTANICA as a theme for us all to try out. There is an explanation that we gave you last week as to what Botanica art is all about. We hope you will all give it a go.

Please make your art in 6×4″ postcard size.

cathys botanica

Donna & Mandy xx


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Glamour Girls Sampler

Well thanks Terri for a great theme, everyone certainly seemed to have fun with it.

Here is a small selection of last weeks entries that Terri has picked out….







Mandy and Donna xx


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Botanica Explanation

Ok, now our theme NEXT week  (23 august) is going to be Botanica…….just in case you’re wondering…….WHAT??? LOL! Here is a brief explanation provided by Cathy…….

    “Bontanica covers things like flowers, fruit, shells, seahorses, starfish, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, insects, birds, eggs, nests, feathers, leaves, fish….
The design element is fairly simple, and the feature image is usually placed on old music, dictionary pages, text, postcards, ledgers, blueprints, architectural renderings/sketches, etc.
Next, the piece is typically finished with things like postage stamps, postage cancellation marks, numbers, symbols, text, etc, etc. ”

Hope that helps 🙂

Donna and Mandy xx


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Glamour Girls

Well Sunday morning again so must be time for another challenge……are we all ready?

This week Terri (PringleHill) is joining us as our guest artist and her theme is GLAMOUR GIRLS so off you go,  get yourselves all prettied up and show us your glamourous creations! Here’s Terri’s lovely sample to inspire us all….


Remember all mediums are more than welcome just make it in a 6″ x 4″ postcard format, have fun 🙂

Mandy and Donna xx


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Nursery Rhyme Sampler

Wow !! what a fantastic collection of wonderous Postcard Art we’ve had this past week. Amazing interpretations of a fab theme. Here’s a small selection of your great Postcard Art. Thanks to everyone for playing and for the continued support and welcome to all the newbies who keep turning up here on a Sunday 🙂

martina nursery rhyme  Martina

nursery_rhymes lori saul   Lori Saul

sunluvr ~ nursery  sunluvr




Donna & Mandy xx

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Nursery Rhymes

Okay, back to our childhood this week with the theme of Nursery Rhymes.  Here’s a little Humpty Dumpty to get you going……..


Remember all mediums welcome just make your creation in the 6″ x 4″ format

Donna and Mandy xx


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Bingo Sampler

Well you all seem to have had some fun playing Bingo this last week!   Here are just a few samples….

Sue SmithSue Smith

Cindy McMathCindy McMath


Bingo_kaart  Meikoningin


Bingo020809  Fraenzi Firlefanz

postcard_1[8]  Norma Jean

Mandy and Donna xx

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Is everyone ready for some fun and games? This week’s theme is BINGO!

Let’s see your wonderful creations in a POSTCARD SIZE artform of   6 x 4″.

bingo pc  Sample made by Mandy


Donna & Mandy xx


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