Botanica Explanation

Ok, now our theme NEXT week  (23 august) is going to be Botanica…….just in case you’re wondering…….WHAT??? LOL! Here is a brief explanation provided by Cathy…….

    “Bontanica covers things like flowers, fruit, shells, seahorses, starfish, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, insects, birds, eggs, nests, feathers, leaves, fish….
The design element is fairly simple, and the feature image is usually placed on old music, dictionary pages, text, postcards, ledgers, blueprints, architectural renderings/sketches, etc.
Next, the piece is typically finished with things like postage stamps, postage cancellation marks, numbers, symbols, text, etc, etc. ”

Hope that helps 🙂

Donna and Mandy xx


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7 responses to “Botanica Explanation

    I have always loved gardens and love to paint my flowers, so this challenge was a treat. I took a picture of my morning glories and played with photoshop
    I tried to make it look like a wood block print, simple!
    thanks for the fun!!!!

  2. I love this challenge!!! This is my postcard, and i hope you like it!

    Hugs, Nans

  3. A little early for the Botanica challenge but it is a theme I love. Enjoy.

  4. Here’s my entry.
    Put it up on Sunday, but forgot to leave a link here. Whoops!

  5. I haven’t done any challenges in a while…here is mine…


  6. We love to stroll through the “Botanic” 🙂
    And last night I took a picture .. 😉

    Thanks for looking

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