This week we have another guest artist hosting SPA  Audrey from Audrey’s Art Place. She chose the theme of Eyes….

Eyes are very expressive and show us many things…. what will your postcard show us??

Please keep your artwork to a 6×4″ postcard size, otherwise any and all media are welcome!

Mandy & Donna xx


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66 responses to “Eyes

  1. My ‘eyes’ are on my blog!
    Thanks for looking!

  2. Donna

    Great sample Audrey, thanks for hosting for us 🙂
    Here’s mine…..

  3. You can find my entry here
    Thanks for looking!

  4. Thanks for the challenge !

    Love the sample, tomorrow i will visit all the “eyes”:)

    Here my entry:


  5. I’ve done a digital piece this week.

    TFL and have a terrific week.


  6. I screwed up my link. Sorry…Hope this one works.


  7. Hi everyone,
    my postcard is on my blog
    Thanks for looking.

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  9. audrey meijs

    HI, my entry is on my blog!


    Thank you for asking me to host…

  10. Linda

    Here is my entry for this week. I had great fun composing this piece. Thanks for visiting.

  11. Here are my EYES
    Hope you like them…

  12. This was a fun challenge, hope you like my piece.
    Here is mine

  13. Sorry , I have been doing this forever and now can’t seem to get it to work One more time:
    here is mine/a>

  14. Sorry , I have been doing this forever and now can’t seem to get it to work One more time:
    here is mine

  15. Finally done – can’t wait to see the other cards. Mine is on my blog. Love the sample!

    Cindy 🙂

  16. I have added my eyes to my blog. What a great theme. This is the first time I have played this challenge and it was great!
    You can find my eyes here:

    Thanks for looking!

  17. Thank you for the challenge, here is my “hide&seek”

  18. Great challenge – my card is on my blog:


    Thanks for stopping by!

  19. Bev

    Oh WOW, I am SO late posting this, but here’s my entry for “eyes”. Thanks for the wonderful sample!


  20. Here is my entry for this week’s challenge. This was a lot of fun. Even my 2 nieces got involved and they each made a postcard of their own for the challenge.

    All of them can be seen here.

  21. Amy

    Here is my postcard of ‘frog eyes’
    thanks for looking. -amy

  22. Here is my entry.
    Thaks for looking!

  23. Thanks for hosting another great challenge.
    Here’s mine.
    Eye Spy

  24. Here´s my digicard…

  25. A great challenge! Here’s my entry…thanks
    for looking. 🙂 Cindy Adkins

  26. SEO

    Great Article. I’ll look forward to your next article

  27. Fabulous theme and such a great inspiration piece!
    Here are my Mona Lisa eyes:


  28. I haven’t gotten brave enough for a true Zetti, I am getting close with this one! Its digital, but I think still hits the mark.

    thanks for the prompt and the opportunity to create this postcard. And for anyone who goes to look at it, I THANK YOU too!


  29. This is not fair! It’s not Sunday yet! LOL
    I hope you don’t mind me entering still!
    My entry is HERE !!!

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