Notice about spamming and playing :-)

Hi all

It seems we are having problems with some people being spammed. If you are sent to the spam box please alert either Donna ~ or I about it and we will de-spam you.

Also, a few people are asking how to participate so here is what you do….

all you need to do is make a 6×4″ postcard using the theme of the week. These are posted early morning on sundays (gmt) you have the whole week to take part…. you can use any medium as long as the piece is 6X4 ~ a postcard :-) then use the comment section at the bottom of the weekly post and link to your blog, flickr, website so everyone can go and see your wonderful creations.

You do not have to join a group to join in, you don’t have to swap your postcard but you can if you want… there’s a flickr group also but it isnt necessary to join it.

hope this has cleared a few things up.

Mandy & Donna xx


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2 responses to “Notice about spamming and playing :-)

  1. Hi Thanks for letting me play! Next time I hope to spend a little more time as i love making this size cards but it’s the time of year where I’m hard pressed to get out of the garden and into the glues!

  2. thanks for this exiting challange, I will play too I hope, I’m pretty new whit this kind of art so don’t be to hard on my result lol.

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