ooohhh la la…. We are travelling to another wonderful romantic city this week… theme is chosen by Wendy and she has made us a fabulous sample to inspire us all.

sample by Wendy

You are welcome to use any media you wish but we’d like you to make postcard size art 6 x 4″

thank you

Donna & Mandy xx


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53 responses to “Paris

  1. You can find my entry here
    Thanks for looking!


    Ah to be in Paris in the spring- I can only imagine! My postcard is on my blog.

  3. Hello, here’s mine. Hope you like! Thanks for looking.

  4. Wonderful card for inspiration!! Here’s my entry, thanks for looking!!


  5. Another great challenge. You can see my care HERE

  6. Great challenge! My work is on my website.

  7. My entry is on my blog, thanks for looking everyone!

  8. oh la la everyone!!! what a fun know I love love love Paris!!!

    here is my piece…

  9. Hi, all! My entry is on my blog:

    Thanks for letting me play πŸ™‚

  10. Hi everyone,
    my entry is on my blog
    Thank you for looking!

  11. Bev

    My goodness, lots of entries already! Everyone loves Paree!

    Here’s mine

  12. johanna

    we have real “april weather” here, so i escaped …

  13. What stunning sample Wendy and here my entry:

    Have a great day and thanks for the inspiring challenge!

  14. I keep singing “April in Paris”. so romantic…
    My entry is here:

  15. Here’s mine, I have to go to work…but can’t wait to get back & look at everyones imaginings of Paris in the Spring!!!

  16. Here’s my entry – thanks for looking!

  17. I have never been to Paris, but would love to go one day! My card is on my blog – thanks for the fun theme Wendy! Your sample is lovely.

    Cindy πŸ™‚

  18. Wow, lots of people playing this week!

    Mine is here. TFL!


  19. Oh, fabulous postcard–and the female image is beautiful!

  20. Here is my Paris themed postcard on my blog. Thank you! This was fun!

  21. Not sure if my first post went thru, so here it is again…

    Thank you for the fun design theme!

    Mine is on my blog:

    Best, Brandy

  22. A lovely, romantic theme… one day I hope to visit Paris πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the challenge πŸ™‚

  23. These are all digital images from my recent trip to Paris! Thank you for the challenge.

  24. Love your postcard. Mine is here x

  25. This brought back lots of memories for me – my postcard is here

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