This week, Donna and I have decided on the theme Roses… as summer is (supposed to be!) starting! And what better way to celebrate that to dedicate our postcards to the ROSE.

Hope lots of people join us in this challenge…. use any medium you like but please use a postcard format size 6 x 4″ .

sample by mandy

come on and create ART

Mandy & Donna xx


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57 responses to “Roses

  1. You can find my Card here Thanks for looking!

  2. Here are my entries!
    Thanks for looking!


    My roses are on my blog- a lovely challenge and sample postcard!

  4. Anne Wilson

    Here is min. I’m very early this week

  5. Hello – Here’s mine:

    Hope everyone’s enjoying some fun under the sun!

  6. Bev

    Would you believe this challenge made me think of Salvado Dali??

    The Rose

  7. I haven’t played for a couple of weeks. I hope everyone has been well.

    My art piece can be seen at my blog…


  8. Hi everyone…these mini paintings are nothing to do with roses….but they can help make things a little better for many poor animal victims…I hope you check it out and also help spread the word of this great initiative….

    Thank you for stopping and smelling the roses….

  9. My postcard is on my blog

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  11. Here my fabric art ‘roses postcard’.
    Thanks for looking.

  12. Hi everyone,
    my card is on my blog
    Thanks for looking.

  13. Sorry let me try this again please.

  14. What a great theme this week, thanks!!

    My entry is on my blog

  15. taluula

    Lovely sample Mandy.

    You can find mine on my blog.

    Thanks for looking.

  16. I haven’t played for months and months and forgot how much fun this is!!
    Thanks for looking…now I’m off to browse everyone elses!

  17. Roses, what to do, so many choices and your rose lady is a perfect example!
    I decided to go graphic!

  18. My postcard is on my blog – thanks for looking.

  19. yasmindeboo

    Here is my entry for this week

  20. Here’s my rose is a rose is…

    Thanks for looking!

  21. My card is on my blog – thanks for the fun theme, and the beautious sample! Hope to get to everyone’s cards later this week.

    Cindy 🙂

  22. Just found the site yesterday–lovely art from everyone–excellent idea!

    Here’s mine:

  23. What a gorgeous sample!! Here’s my entry, thanks for looking!!


  24. Thank you for very inspiring challenge, here is my rose.

    Thank you for looking and have a nice time.

  25. I have never participated in any of your challenges, but this one shouted to me!

    You can find my entry on my blog

  26. Beautiful challenge
    Here is my link

  27. Sorry – let me try again

    Here is my link

  28. Here is my entry and thanks a million for looking it

    Nicecrane Designs

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