Street Art Sampler

Fabulous lot of street artists we have on board at SPA! Thank you so much for playing. Big thanks to Femmy for hosting for us and making us challenge ourselves!



Anne S

Lori Saul



Donna & Mandy xx


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4 responses to “Street Art Sampler

  1. Hi Donna and Mandy,
    Thanks for posting my little postcard here! I have been challenging members of to play in your weekly challenge….I hope that’s ok with you. If you want to take a look, it is at the above www. in the Forum section under challenges. If it’s not ok, please let me know. There are already a few there that have created postcards for this coming weeks’ BABIES challenge. I love this challenge!

  2. oh also – there seems to be two trudi’s here – which is quite rare…but I don’t have an e at the end of mine.

  3. woow i realy love this one!
    i have seen this art on
    thnx for this nice post
    greets Jet..<3

  4. bythesea64

    This is absolutely vibrant with life! It ‘speaks’ to me, very nice!

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