This week we have been joined by the wonderful Willy Anderson. It’s the first time Willy has hosted here on SPA and we are really pleased 😀 . Willy has chosen the theme of PENS AND/OR PENCILS to challenge us all!

Here is Willy’s sample to inspire us. Don’t forget to keep the size of the card to 6 x 4 ”

sample by Willy

Mandy & Donna xx



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46 responses to “Pens/Pencils

  1. You can find my entry here Thanks for looking!

  2. Mandy and Donna, thanks for asking me to host this challenge . Here is my sample.

  3. My pencil lady is on my blog

  4. Donna

    Thanks for joining us Willy, great sample card 🙂
    Here’s mine for this week….

  5. Bev

    My entry is on my blog HERE</a<

  6. willy, you have just out done yourself!!!
    I love this!!!

    I am featuring another artist and have the link to her blog

  7. carolew

    I absolutely love the example!!

    Here is mine…


  8. Hello Ladies,
    my entry is on my blog
    Thanks for looking!

  9. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  10. beautiful card from Willy!
    here is mine

    xxx Susi

  11. My entry is on my blog. Thank you for looking.xx

  12. dutchstamptramp

    Wonderful theme Willy, here is my entry.

  13. I made a correction to my post re the artist and link, they are correct
    NOW! THANKS to bev for letting me know. As often happens I was reading too fast and gave you the wrong info!!!!
    The correct link is there now, apologies for the error!

  14. Whoa, this sample is amazing! Great job, Willy!
    My postcard is here, on my blog.

  15. Wow,this sample is amazing! Great job Willy

    My Postcard is here On my Blog.

  16. I can’t see my comment so I’m posting again because I had fun creating this postcard and would like you to check it out! You can find it here on my blog

  17. This is my first time to play with you folks. I hope I’ve gotten the deets right. 😉
    Here’s my offering:

  18. I’m trying to leave this again, with a link to my blog, NOT just the art piece. Hope I get it right. ;P

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