da Vinci

This week we are travelling to Italy and celebrating the artist da Vinci. There is plenty of inspiration for you to be inspired.

Our only rule on SPA is that your artwork is 6 x 4″ in size. Could I please beseech you all to link your comment directly to your artwork and not just your blog? Thank you.

Here’s a sample to (hopefully) inspire you all….

sample by Mandy 

Donna & Mandy xx


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28 responses to “da Vinci

  1. I´ve made two cards for this week, one digital and one stamped card:

  2. Fabulous challenge…thanks for stopping by


  3. You can find my entry here Thanks for looking!

  4. How do I link DIRECTLY to my artwork please?

  5. Bev

    My homage to DaVinci is on my blog. HERE

  6. peggygatto

    your example is lovely!!!! There were so many ways to go!!!


  7. My Da Vinci Postcard is on my blog.
    Thanks for looking.xx

  8. Here’s mine. What a great theme, and a beautiful inspiration piece.


  9. This was a fun challenge! Here’s my Da Vinci postcard.

  10. Not sure my link worked. Here it is again.

  11. My postcard can be found here: DaVinci

    TFL! Kris

  12. sarina

    Here is my Da Vinci entry.
    My first entry for Sunday Postcard.
    Thanks for looking

  13. My da Vinci postcard is here x

  14. First time to enter your challenge, had a great time with this…Thank you!


  15. ALWAYS one of my favorite themes, I played with Da Vinci’s embryo sketches and a photo of my own grandson…it’s on my blog at http://www.thevivere.blogspot.com.
    I hope you’ll take a look… Thanks!

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