Haunted Houses

Are we all enjoying our October month of Hallowe’en? I’m loving it, taking part AND checking out everyone’s fantastic entries!

This week we are heading into the HAUNTED HOUSE! Watch out for those ghosts!

Please keep your art entry to postcard size of 6 x 4 inches ~ thanks!

above all ~ have fun!

Mandy & Donna xx


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23 responses to “Haunted Houses

  1. You can find my entry here Thanks for looking!

  2. You’ll find my haunted house on my blog!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great challehge…thanks for dropping by…

  4. Here’s my haunted house, with it’s scary (and scared?) occupants.

  5. Hello Ladies,
    my haunted house is on my blog
    Thanks for looking!

  6. My submission can be found here: The House of Usher

    TFL! – Kris

  7. Hallowe’en is an absolute favorite with me. I haven’t spent so much time stamping in month!
    My haunted house is here: http://www.millefeuille.eu/?p=1663

  8. My eerie-looking house is on my blog at http://www.thevivere.blogspot.com
    Hope you have time to check it out…and thanks for the challenge!!

  9. Jeannette

    This is as great Theme,here is my” Haundet House” http://jeannetteswelt.blogspot.com/2011/10/spa-haundet-house.html
    Wish you a great week

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