Rainy Days

bbbrrrrrrr…… it’s been so rainy this past week in England. And winter is definitely here! So we are having a RAINY DAYS theme.

Make your postcard 6 x 4″ in size. Otherwise anything goes 🙂

sample by Mandy 

Leave a comment to your artwork… can’t wait to see what you make!

Mandy & Donna xx



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23 responses to “Rainy Days

  1. You can find my entry here Thanks for looking.

  2. This was a really interesting and fun subject. To see Mr. Spiky go to
    Mr. Spiky always carries his umbrella

  3. Great theme–here’s my contribution, on my blog.

  4. What an adorable sample!! Mine is here

  5. Berenice

    Had so much fun with this and rejigged an original painting of mine. Here’s the link http://fav.me/d5m7gaw
    Thanks for taking the time to look 🙂

  6. Rainy days is one of my favorite themes…thank you for the challenge. It’s on my blog at http://www.thevivere.blogspot.com

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