Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

Yes it’s COFFEETIME! Our host this week is Marie from Ozstuff notoriety.

Here’s Marie’s sample to inspire us all!

Coffee Time for SPA

To join in with us, make a piece of artwork sized 6 x 4 inches ~ any medium you like. Put it on your photostream ~ blog, flickr, tumblr, facebook and come over here and comment with a link to your post.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Mandy & Donna xx




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33 responses to “Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

  1. Thanks, Yvonne, I really enjoyed making this theme. Some of you may remember Mr. Spiky who always carries his umbrella. Here is Mrs. Spiky welcoming her friends round for coffee.
    Mrs. Spiky has friends round for coffee

  2. You can find my entry here Thanks for looking.

  3. Wonderful theme and sample. Here is my card.
    Thanks for looking and comment.
    Hugs Anja

  4. What a delightful vintage postcard Marie…


  5. Thank you for the challenge and the gorgeous example

    here is my entry

    Thanks for looking

  6. Sorry guys for the wrong theme-credit in my comment above, Marie gave us this fascinating theme. Maybe best not to leave a comment at the witching hour.

  7. Excellent sample , Marie! Here’s mine–and I haven’t rvrn had MY coffee yet!


  8. Great theme and example! It’s really difficult to make something on such a small piece of paper but it was fun. Tnkx for the challenge. here is my entry:

  9. Annie

    I love this week’s theme! Marie’s sample is fabulous! My card is here: http://freezeframe03.blogspot.com/2013/01/sunday-postcard-art_27.html

  10. Beautiful, Marie! Mine is here

  11. OOPS!! sorry the ‘l’ off the html and it would not access my coffee time art. Here I go again. Sorry. It did the same this time so I added it myself. Hope this works.

    Coffee Time

  12. Good idea having a cup of coffee together! Here is my link :

    Have a good day!

  13. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  14. Lots of participants this week! Coffee is always a popular theme it seems. 🙂

    My pieces can be seen here. Thanks for visiting!

    Noteworthy Musings

  15. kat

    Oh this is lovely. It’s been a pleasure visiting your lovely blog, beautiful art work!

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