At the Beach

Now that it’s June it’s time to think of Summer holidays and day trips to the seaside. Sabine has made this wonderful postcard celebrating all things beachy.

Remember to make your artwork 6 x 4 inches in size.

Deb x.

SPA At the Beach


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15 responses to “At the Beach

  1. You can find my entry here Thanks for looking.

  2. A lovely sample from Sabine.

    here is my entry

    Thank you for looking and have a sunny Sunday.

  3. Wonderful sample piece!

    My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  4. Hi, this is my first entry here. You can see my postcard HERE.
    Thanks for the challenge and looking!

  5. What a fun sample! Mine is here

  6. I wrote about my postcard on my blog. I created it around a limerick I composed today,

    There once was a day at the beach.
    “Enjoy yourselves, dears!”, we beseech.
    It’s all fun and games,
    ‘Til someone exclaims,
    “I’ve got sand where the sun don’t reach!”

    Have no fear, there aren’t any images on the postcard that might cause concern 🙂

  7. Great piece by Sabine…my two beach pieces are on my blog:

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