Zetti Inspired

It’s been a while since we had a zetti theme so it’s time for us all to get zettied!

16106622_922397951230962_878794088_oI used a zetti collage sheet from Teesha Moore…. a very old one lol

please make your postcard 6 x 4 inches in size… feel free to use any medium of your choice. your postcard could even be canvas, index card, felt or card or whatever else you can think of.

have fun!

MAndy xx



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17 responses to “Zetti Inspired

  1. You can find my Card here Thanks for looking.

  2. My inspiration is HERE
    Thanks for looking.

  3. A wonderful sample, Mandy. Thank you for the challenge.

    here is my entry

    Thank you for looking.

  4. Bev

    My zettiness is on my blog HERE

  5. I am thrilled to have today everything I need to participate in this fun challenge. Details on my blog: http://kaywallaceartjournaling.blogspot.com/2017/01/art-from-road-sunday-postcard-art-01-15.html

  6. i think i get the general idea but could someone please tell me what is meant by zetti-inspired? thank you.

  7. Michelle S, if you check out my blog (above) you will see a reference to an article by Susan Luke which pretty much explains it. It was helpful to me as I had no idea either! 😉

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