This week’s theme BUTTERFLIES has been  chosen by Jenn. I discovered Jenn on YouTube and began following her mixed media journey. Jenn makes some fab things… you can check her out on her blog or on YouTube

I love Jenn’s sample! 20170216_141358-editedAll mediums are welcome here on Sunday Postcard Art but your art must be 6 x 4 inches in size! Other than that just follow the theme!

Have Fun

Mandy xx



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23 responses to “Butterflies

  1. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  2. You can find my Card here Thanks for looking.

  3. That is such a cool sample!
    Mine is “here

  4. A wonderful sample. Thank you for the challenge

    here is my entry

    Thank you for looking.

    Have a wonderful Sunday

  5. My second postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  6. Mandy,

    Sent you an email. Let me know if you did not receive it. Thanks! Kim

  7. I am back among the living after being so very sick last week! My postcard is on my blog. Thanks for your visits and for your comments! http://kaywallaceartjournaling.blogspot.com/2017/02/art-from-road-sunday-postcard-art-02-26.html

  8. Gorgeous sample….
    Here is my Postcard

  9. What a gorgeous card!! Thanks for the inspiration and I have joined the challenge this week as well https://missthundercat.blogspot.nl/2017/03/the-heart-has-its-reasons.html Have a great day 🙂 xox Cheetarah

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