This week the lovely Audrey  is joining us with the theme of NUMBERS…. now a little bird has told me it’s Audrey’s birthday on Tuesday so here’s an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Audrey’s chosen the theme of numbers and has made this lovely postcard to inspire us.

SPA numberswe don’t have many rules here on Sunday Postcard Art, the size is basically our only rule and to follow the theme. So the size is 6 x 4 inches but any and all mediums are welcome.

have fun

Mandy xx


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14 responses to “Numbers

  1. You can find my Card here Thanks for looking.

  2. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  3. Thanks for hosting, Audrey! A fun challenge, indeed. You can find my entry here:

  4. Great postcard Audrey…
    You can find my postcard HERE

  5. Sorry my previous link isn’t working…
    try HERE

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