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This week, I decided to have a fun shape theme… and I’ve chosen HEXAGONS. It’s quite a easy and open theme so hopefully you’ll be able to play along with us.

Here’s my postcard which will (hopefully) inspire you

spa hexagons

Remember to make your postcard 6 x 4 inches (which is around 10 x 15 cm) any and all mediums are welcome here. You do not have to make your postcard on card, you can use canvas, card, paper, cloth, fabric, board. Anything you like, you just need to make the postcard the correct size and follow the theme.

Have Fun

Mandy xx


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Zeppelin Sampler

what fabulous entries we had last week. thanks for playing along and thanks to Marion for hosting and challenging us again.

  Lori Saul



Mandy xx

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