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OOhhh what a loverly theme! First thoughts…. Pride and Wizard of Oz … singing a rainbow, 7 bright colours, refraction of light, prism, spectrum

Cindy thought of this wonderful theme and made 3 sample postcards! I chose this one to have as our inspiration piece but please go ahead and look at her other postcards here

cindy 1Isn’t this a fabulous inspiration postcard?

Remember to follow the theme… some sort of reference to rainbows, a rainbow, rainbow colours…. the content is up to you, our only rule here is the size of the postcard 6 x 4 inches which is around 10 x 15 cm

Any and all mediums are welcome!

Mandy xx



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Nostalgia Sampler

thank you all for sharing your wonderful creations with us last week, and huge thanks to Sandie for hosting with a fab theme

spa marie  Marie

spa marion  Marion

spa nostalgia  Mandy

Mandy xx


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