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This week, we are embracing the holiday season for the first time this year with Deann’s theme of ELVES… of course it doesn’t have to be Festive, you could use something from Lord of the Rings… I’m sure there are elves in that. or the Elves and the Shoemaker or something similar.

Here’s Deann’s wonderful sample… I’m sure you’ve all checked out Deann’s blog, she is fantastic at amazing digital collage artwork and wordery.

Riding Along with the Big Guy...Keep your postcard to the required size of 6x 4 inches (approx. 10 x 15 cm) and follow our weekly theme.  you are more than welcome to use any medium you choose.

Have Fun

Mandy xx


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Creatures Sampler

what fabulous entries we had last week, I know it’s a hectic time and appreciate your support.

Many thanks to Hazel for hosting too 🙂

spa kim  Kim

spa peggy  Peggy

spa rein  Rein


Mandy xx

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