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Hi all 🙂

this week I’m going for a shape… I want to keep the theme simple as I know this time of year people are busy.

Could I ask you all to invite your friends and fellow crafters to join us in our weekly challenge?

Here is mine…

.spa squares

have fun creating your postcard…

please keep to the 6 x 4 inch size

Mandy xx


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Gratitude Sampler

thanks to everyone who played along this week, I know it was a busy week for everyone in the States.

spa anne  Anne

spa katrin  Katrin

spa cvhristine  Christine

Mandy xx


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This week I want us to make a postcard to show who or what we appreciate in life and what we are grateful for.

For my card, Ive chosen to use some ‘nature’ elements as I really am thankful to live so close to the countryside, when I feel stress or low I can get on my bike and go and cycle in the country and blow all my cobwebs away

46415904_2633597343533248_1581096535330914304_n I dont ask much of our players except please make your postcard 6 x 4 inches in size. All mediums are welcome.

have fun

Mandy xx




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Scarecrow Sampler

thank you to Marion for a lovely theme. i couldn’t join in as my printer is out of ink and i dont have any scarecrow images or stamps.

spa anne  Anne

spa cindyscarecrow  Cindy

spa renate  Renate

see you in the morning with our new theme

Mandy xx


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This week, Marion would like us to get our straw into some scarecrows. Besides the Wizard of OZ I tend to think of horror films when I think of SCARECROWS…

look at Marion’s fabulous sample to inspire us all!Scarecrow

what do you think of when you think of SCARECROWS?

remember to make your postcard 6 x 4 inches in size…. please check this…. as some of us aren’t using the correct size 🙂

all mediums are welcome of course.

looking forward to your Autumnal creations.

Have fun

Mandy xx


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Owl Sampler

wow wee…. such a fabulous turn out for our OWL theme… thanks to Sabine for choosing such an awesome theme and to everyone for joining in with us.

spa cindyowl  Cindy

spa lori owl  Lori Saul

spa mandy owl  Mandy

Mandy xx

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Do you know in the past 10 years since this blog has been going I cannot remember doing an OWL theme… so that’s great for us! Thanks to Sabine for choosing this theme for us.

Here’s Sabine’s sample to inspire us all… her stamp collection must be so vast it’s enviable… lol   check out her blog here

SPA Owls2018

Remember to make your postcard rectangle and sized 6 x 4 inches. All mediums are welcome

have fun

Mandy xx



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Poe Sampler

thank you all for joining in with our POE challenge, big thanks to Kay for taking time to make a sample for us even though she’s on the road

spa danipoe  Dani

spa deann  Deann

spa peggy Peggy

mandy xx


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