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This week’s theme is not the pre-scheduled theme…. I’m afraid i’ve been quite ill just lately and have recently come out of hospital. in the meantime, my lovely orange diary that I use for this blog has got miss-placed! So i’m unsure of what theme is actually due this week…. if it’s your week, I apologise profusely! Let me know and i will put you in on a later date xx please email me if you have a theme coming up and let me know the theme and the date so i can have a temporary list whilst I find my book. Thanks

So, I’ve scrambled around my brain and come up with the theme of HANDS…. i’ve wanted to do this theme for a while.

so here’s my sample 🙂

70747632_379661089600941_4371230680927961088_n (1)


our only rules are to make your postcard a set size which is 6 x 4 inches in size

have fun

Mandy xx


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Changing Seasons

thank you so much for joining in with our theme this week and huge thanks to Audrey.

spa renate  Renate

spa rosie  Rosie

spa sabine  Sabine

Mandy xx


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