Folk Art

This week Sue is joining us with the theme of FOLK ART! lots of beautiful old european prints that can be used for this theme, or what folk art means for you in your country! Here is Sue’s sample to give us some inspiration

Sue doesn’t have a blog, but if you want to see more of her work, the link to her Instagram account is here- just click on the Instagram icon and it will take you to her page where she posts her artwork!

Remember to keep your postcard to 6×4 inches in size, that is the only rule!

Have fun and Happy Sunday everyone,

Mandy xx


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8 responses to “Folk Art

  1. Not really my theme. Here is my attempt at it.
    Thanks for looking

  2. Sim

    My Tibetan Folk Art is HERE

  3. Sim

    Dear Sue,
    Firstly, thank you for this unique and beautiful challenge!
    Then, your creation is fa-bu-lous!
    Each detail, colour and texture is a treasure indeed.

  4. Sue’s piece is beautiful, and a great challenge theme. (I had a little trouble with it, though.)

    My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

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