This week the wonderful Anne is joining us with the theme of KEYS! Lots of images of beautifully ornate keys to use, or you could use something more modern if you wanted to! Here is Anne’s postcard to give us some inspiration

You can visit Anne’s blog here:

Remember to keep your postcard to 6×4 inches in size, but any and all mediums are welcome… And have fun!

Happy Sunday everyone,

Mandy xx



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14 responses to “Keys

  1. Deann Williams

    Thanks for stopping by…

  2. Sim

    I made three postcards this time, they are HERE

  3. I hope everyone enjoys the theme.

    My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking, and thank you to Mandy for having me as the guest host this week.

  4. Sim

    Sue, you’ve created a very beautiful, clever ans so true card! I love it! Bravo!

  5. hello everyone!
    first of all, thank you for this lovely art prompt and this amazing blog.
    i am new here. i look forward to seeing everyone’s cards.
    here is mine:

  6. Stacy: I like your lovely lady with the keys. (Google wouldn’t let me leave a comment, even though I was logged in.)

    Mandy / Sue: That Instagram link says I need to login first, and I don’t have an Instagram account. (I’ve been able to look at Sue’s art in the past.)

  7. Sue: your piece is lovely. (This time the link worked without requiring me to login.)

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