Zetti Inspired

It’s been a while since we had a zetti theme so it’s time for us all to get zettied!

16106622_922397951230962_878794088_oI used a zetti collage sheet from Teesha Moore…. a very old one lol

please make your postcard 6 x 4 inches in size… feel free to use any medium of your choice. your postcard could even be canvas, index card, felt or card or whatever else you can think of.

have fun!

MAndy xx



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Tape Measure sampler

wow, blown away by the amazing artwork, as usual, this week. It seems measuring is a popular theme!

spa-rosie  Rosie

spa-sandie  Sandie

spa-stacy  Stacy

Mandy xx

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Tape Measure/Ruler

This week I’d love you to incorporate a tape measure or a ruler into your postcard creation.

If you don’t have any images why not check out these ones on Pinterest… it’s really an invaluable source of images.

15934451_918025361668221_268892933_nRemember to make your creation 6 x 4 inches in size, follow the theme and then leave us a comment with a link to see what you’ve made 🙂

Have Fun

Mandy xx


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New Sampler

thank you all for joining in with our new theme.

I’ve had a busy week, sorting out guest hosts for the first half of the year for our challenges. Looking forward to some fun videos too.

spa-cindy  Cindy

spa-kim  Kim

spa-marion  Marion

Mandy xx

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Happy New Year

hope you all had a wonderful season of goodwill.  And now it’s New Years Day… so hope you had a good seeing in of the New Year and onward…

This week, the theme is NEW and so it could be anything from New Beginnings, New home, New baby, amongst all the other NEW things you can think of. Also, you could use any NEW items you have got for Christmas or treated yourself to 🙂

I’ve combined New Year with new stencils.


im looking forward to another year of postcard making. thank you for all your support over the past year.

have fun

Mandy xx


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Happy Festivities Everyone

Hope everyone is having some fun times during the festive season.

This week, the theme is open here on SPA…. it’s up to you if you’d like to join us. It’s a busy time but you may just want to try out some new goodies, or some old faves.

anything you fancy doing is good for us 🙂


Have fun!

Mandy xx


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Bauble Sampler

Happy Christmas eve. hope you are all relaxing and having fun

spa-renate  Renate

spaelectra Electra

spa-sabine  Sabine

thanks for playing

Mandy xx


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