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This week’s theme has been chosen by the wonderfully talented Hazel who would like us to be inspired by WONDERLAND….. whatever it means to you.

Here is Hazel’s fab sample card to inspire us all…. a gorgeous stamped creation

IMG_1703Remember to make your postcard 6 x 4 inches in size but any and all mediums are welcome.

have fun

Mandy xx


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Carte Postale Sampler

wow what fabulous entries for last week’s theme. thank you all so so much for your continued support in the blog

spa cindy  Cindy

spa marion Marion

spa sabine  Sabine

Mandy xx

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Fairytales Sampler

This weeks theme was chosen by Rein, everyone’s entries were fantastic, here are just a few of them;


deann 1



Lori Saul



Thank you everyone for your submissions!

Mandy xx

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Carte Postale

Good Morning,

I shall be away sunning myself (hopefully) in Turkey this week.

For this week’s Sunday Postcard Art, I would like you to use the words CARTE POSTALE somewhere on your postcard (visible) but work your own magic on your artwork along with the prompt.

I’ve gone with the whole postal theme itself

spa carte postale

make your postcard to size 10 x 15 cm / 6 x 4 inches

All mediums are welcome

have fun!

Mandy xx


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This week, Rein is here to inspire us to be inspired by Classic FAIRYTALES

Here is Rein’s sample using the SLEEPING BEAUTY fairytale.


it’s a stunning sample

remember to make your postcard 6 x 4 inches in size (approx. 15cm x 10cm)

have fun!

Mandy xx



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Namaste Sampler

oh I certainly messed up last week didn’t I? But we still had a few entries which were all fab of course.

spa cindy  Cindy

spa marie  Marie

spa kim  Kim

See you in the morning for our Classic Fairytale theme

Mandy xx









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I’m very inspired by the colours and imagery of the Indian culture. So for this week I chose the theme of NAMASTE…. it’s a greeting of hello and goodbye.Makes me think of peace and love

I hope you too feel inspired to join in with us… and that my sample postcard inspires you to embrace colour, vibrancy and whimsy.

21556112_1078623405608415_1118204923_oRemember, please make your postcard 6 x 4 inches in size. Any and all mediums are welcome here at Sunday Postcard Art.

have fun

Mandy xx



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