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Okay it’s time for another challlenge and time for another guest artist.  This time we are joined by Marie (Ozstuff) who has chosen the theme of FASHION for us.  Here is her lovely sample card to inspire you all…

Ozstuff-fashion sample

Can’t wait to see what you all come up with, remember all mediums are welcome just make sure it’s done postcard size…..6″ x 4″…… off you go and create 🙂

Mandy and Donna xx


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Vintage Children Sampler

Well you certainly all seemed to enjoy the theme last week, many thanks to Gayle for hosting for us 🙂 There were so  many lovely entries, Gayle has picked a small selection out this week for the sampler and she also wanted to highlight the countries they were all from to show how widespread a group we all are…..

Martina-GermanyMartina  (Germany)

MarieMarkham(Oz)-Australia  Marie (Australia)

LoriSaul-USA LoriSaul ( USA)

willy(Spain)Willy (Spain)

Kersten(Alaska)Kersten (USA)

NancyDooren-NetherlandsNancy Dooren ( Netherlands)

IndyBev-USA IndyBev (USA)

Donna and Mandy xx

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Vintage Children

We are joined by Gayle this week as our guest artist and she has chosen to take us back in time a bit by picking VINTAGE CHILDREN as the theme, so dig out those vintage images and get playing!  Remember all mediums are welcome just keep it to the 6″ x 4″ format.

Here’s Gayles lovely sample card to inspire us all…


Donna and Mandy xx


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Fabric Sampler

Oh boy did you all enjoy last weeks theme!!   Many thanks to Audrey for the challenge and being our guest hostess for the week.  She has picked a small selection of last weeks great entries for the sampler…..




LoriLori Saul



Mandy and Donna xx

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Well this week we are joined by Audrey Hernandez as our guest artist for the week.  Her theme is FABRIC and here is her gorgeous sample…


Now obviously Audrey has done a completely fabric postcard but you could just choose to add a bit of ribbon or trim to yours, or maybe use a picture of fabric or a stamp of a fabric pattern as a background…….it’s up to you!  Can’t wait to see your interpretations, remember no rules except that it’s 6″ x 4″ in size.  Now go play 🙂

Donna and Mandy xx


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Nests Sampler

Hello everyone!

Wonderful nest creations this past week! A huge thank you to Audrey for hosting such a great theme. Audrey has chosen a few samples to show us.

anne spa_nests Annes Art Place

fatma nests Fatma

liveArt nest  liveArt

nans nests  Nans

terri nests  Terri

donna nest

mandy & Donna xx

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This week’s theme is chosen by Audrey from My Art Place. The theme is NESTS. Here is Audrey’s wonderful sample to inspire you all to make your 6 x 4″ postcards…. cant wait to see what you make!


Mandy & Donna xx


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4th of July Sampler

Lots of great patriotic cards from you all last week!  Here are just a few…..




fatma 4 july  Fatma

martin  Martina

lori saul 4 july Lori-saul

Donna & Mandy xx

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