Well this week we are joined by Audrey Hernandez as our guest artist for the week.  Her theme is FABRIC and here is her gorgeous sample…


Now obviously Audrey has done a completely fabric postcard but you could just choose to add a bit of ribbon or trim to yours, or maybe use a picture of fabric or a stamp of a fabric pattern as a background…….it’s up to you!  Can’t wait to see your interpretations, remember no rules except that it’s 6″ x 4″ in size.  Now go play 🙂

Donna and Mandy xx



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57 responses to “Fabric

  1. Donna

    Great sample card Audrey, thanks for hosting again for us. Here’s mine…..

  2. Beautiful postcard, Audrey!
    Mine is on my blog

  3. Wonderful postcard, Audrey!
    Here is my postcard.
    Thanks for looking

  4. I used Waverly fabric samples in my digital effort. Your sample piece is beautiful, Audrey! Thanks for the challenge.


  5. My “fabric” postcard is on my blog.

  6. Being a quilter…I love using fabric. The bg of my postcard is all fabric. Great challenge, thanks for looking!

    Copper Blossom

  7. My entry is on my blog
    Thanks so much for looking!

  8. Thank you for a fabulous challenge Audrey
    Your inspiration postcard is a stunner!
    Here is my little Russian girl:


  9. Thanks bunches for letting me be guest artist again 🙂 I got my post up on my blog with a few other postcards here: http://smallcreations.blogspot.com/2009/07/i-got-to-be-guest-artist-over-at-sunday.html

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  11. Hi all,

    here is my fabric work
    Thanks for looking.
    Have a nice sunday.

  12. great theme – and what a STUNNING sample piece!!!
    here are my entries:


  13. dutchstamptramp

    Wonderful theme and what a sample piece!
    Here is mine

  14. Audrey’s sample is a great mix of fabric elements the small pearl beads are a nice touch.

    My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  15. ellen

    beautiful sample so many layers my postcard is here

  16. Great challenge.

    You can find mine on my blog.

    Thanks for looking.

  17. I really like Audreys work and this is no exception..enjoyed this challenge as I love fabric

  18. Lynn Stevens

    Great sample Audrey! Mines on my blog here

  19. Beautiful words and inspiring artwork!

  20. Lovely theme. Here are my attempts–2 of them.

  21. What a gorgeous sample of Fabric from Audrey! My postcard of Ma is on my blog:


  22. I had fun. Thanks for a great challenge!


  23. Audrey Meijs

    Hi, my entry is on my blog!

    love your sample Audrey(love that name too*lol*))!


  24. Hi everyone, I got one made hope you think its ok
    My Postcard

  25. love your post card… another great challenge, thank you.


    thanks for taking time to look.

  26. Here is my take on the challenge. Great theme!

    Heart and Home

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  28. was asked to participate in the fabric postcard challenge via flickr and am excited to do so~!!~ my card can be found on my blog.
    am still relatively new to all of the tricks in the blog world so if i need to adjust something let me know.


  29. okay, i’ve already messed up.
    the correct address is simpletosublimepapernapkinpoetry.blogspot.com


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