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Marion is here as our hostess this week, with a cracking challenge ZEPPELIN…

at first look it seems quite a tough theme but after a bit of thinking time, I came up with several ways that ZEPPELIN can be used in some artwork…. steampunk is a great way… lots of airships around with steampunk things, a bit of Victoriana, travel inspired airships, even the band Led Zeppelin so plenty of ideas!

However, Marion didn’t seem to struggle with the theme as she’s again made us two fabulous samples to inspire us.

Zeppelin 72dpi

Zeppelin Digi 72dpiI couldn’t decide which one I love best so I’ve used them both! you can check out Marion’s blog here

keep your postcard as a 6 x 4 size

but have fun!

Mandy xx


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Number Sampler

Thank you all for your entries last week, and thanks to Audrey for hosting.

spa anne  Anne

spa cindy  Cindy

spa sandie  Sandie

Mandy xx


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This week the lovely Audrey  is joining us with the theme of NUMBERS…. now a little bird has told me it’s Audrey’s birthday on Tuesday so here’s an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Audrey’s chosen the theme of numbers and has made this lovely postcard to inspire us.

SPA numberswe don’t have many rules here on Sunday Postcard Art, the size is basically our only rule and to follow the theme. So the size is 6 x 4 inches but any and all mediums are welcome.

have fun

Mandy xx


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Silhouette Sampler

Thank you for all joining in, it was so lovely to see all the entries

spa marion  Marion

spa rika  Rein

spa rosie  Rosie

Mandy xx


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This week our hostess with the mostest is Anne … you can visit her blog here

Anne has chosen the theme of SILHOUETTES for this week’s theme


you are welcome to use any medium on your postcard but it needs to be 6 x 4 inches in size…. I know there’s an ICAD challenge going on at the moment which is something you could use, canvas, card, fabric… or anything you can think of.

mostly, have fun

Mandy x


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Sail away Sampler

thanks guys for joining in with the wonderful Sabine’s theme. Thanks to Sabine for being a great host.

spa kim  Kim

spa lori saul  Lori Saul

spa rosie  Rosie

see you in the morning for our new theme Silhouettes

Mandy xx


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Sail Away

sail away, sail away…. always reminds me of that Enya song.

Sabine chose this week’s theme…. hoping for lots of nautically inspired postcards

SPA Sail awayPlease make your postcards 6 x 4 inches in size … your substrate could be anything, canvas, watercolour paper, card, fabric, index card… our only rule is the size and the theme.

looking forward to seeing what you come up with


have fun

Mandy xx


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Hands Sampler

Thank you all for joining in with us for Marion’s fab theme. Thanks for hosting Marion

spa deann  Deann

spa cindy  Cindy

spa hands  Mandy

Mandy xx

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