Carte Postale

Good Morning,

I shall be away sunning myself (hopefully) in Turkey this week.

For this week’s Sunday Postcard Art, I would like you to use the words CARTE POSTALE somewhere on your postcard (visible) but work your own magic on your artwork along with the prompt.

I’ve gone with the whole postal theme itself

spa carte postale

make your postcard to size 10 x 15 cm / 6 x 4 inches

All mediums are welcome

have fun!

Mandy xx


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15 responses to “Carte Postale

  1. You can find my Card here Thanks for looking.

  2. Fun theme – Mandy I hope you’re having a wonderful vacation! Here is the link to my card:

  3. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

    Also: if anyone is interested, I have photographs of Sleepy Hollow, NY, Washington Irving’s gravestone, and inside the Old Dutch Church posted on my blog from a recent visit there.

  4. Beverly Crawford

    My postcard is HERE

  5. OOPS! Ignore previous. My postcard is HERE

  6. A wonderful sample, Mandy. Thank you for the challenge.

    here is my postcard

    Thank you for lookng.


    I just realized I used Carte blanche instead of carte postal!!! Oh well, enjoy!!!

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