This week we have another wonderful hostess Louise (KardKrazy) we decided not to go for the full blown valentine theme but to go with HEARTS this week and Louise has made a wonderful vintage sample to give us all inspiration for our heart themed 6 x 4 postcards!


Mandy & Donna xx


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47 responses to “Hearts

  1. My “hearts” postcard is on my blog. Sorry, it is a little bit tongue in cheek. OK! More than a little bit. Thanks to Louise for the challenge. Her sample picture is beautifully elegant.

  2. Donna

    Thanks for being guest hostess Louise šŸ™‚
    Here are my pair of young lovers…….

  3. One of my favorite themes!

    Mine can be seen here. Thanks for looking and have a great Sunday.


    Could you please change my blog address on the blog roll? Thanks!

  4. Mine is posted on my blog. TFL and Happy Valentine’s Day!~

  5. My heart is on my blog! Thanks for the challenge.
    The sample is beautiful.


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  7. My heart postcard is on my blog.

  8. I looked at Marie’s postcard this morning and had a little grin. That made me decide to look different too at the subject. Oh boy, that man hurt someone!

    Look on my blog:

    Thanks for your visit!

  9. Great theme! My postcard is on my blog.

  10. You can find mine on my blog.

    Thank you for looking.

  11. here’s mine. the face is NOT yellow, LOL! it’s a horrible scan….

  12. Here’s my heart challenge! Thanks for looking.

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  14. I love this theme!!! This is my heart, hope you like it!



  15. This is my first try on your challenges, I lurk over here often and ooh and aah over everyone’s creativeness. I have a very Valentine’s vibe to mine, but I hope you like it.


  16. HereĀ“s my card ! (click my name)

  17. Oh so many!!
    Here is mine. I really enjoyed making it. Thanks for looking.


  18. Hello, I went with black hearts this week to balance out the sweet hearts I’ve been making, you can see my postcard here..


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  20. Joan Marie

    I’m a newbie to this so I hope I’m doing it right.
    My contribution to this challenge which could fit into the chair theme or this heart theme can be viewed on my blog:


    Thanks for hosting this wonderful challenge!

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