Fancy some Fungi? This week Fatma has chosen the theme of MUSHROOMS and made a spectacular sample to inspire us all.

So…. let’s all have some fun-guys!  remember to make a 6 x 4″ size piece of artwork and leave a comment with the link to your creation! if you get caught by the spam box then please email me or Donna to let us know.

sample by Fatma

Donna & Mandy xx


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47 responses to “Mushrooms

  1. My ‘mushroom lady’ is on my blog!
    Thanks for looking!
    Here is my entry

  2. You can find my Card here Thanks for looking!

  3. My card is on my blog – I love the sample Fatma!

    Cindy 🙂

  4. My pickled mushroom fairy is on my blog.

  5. Wow, time got away from me this week. Didn’t get a chance to do one, but I do have a previous one I did in September that has Mushrooms. 🙂

    Hope to be able to post a new one shortly!

  6. Wonderful example!

    Come one, come all to see the mushroom queen!


    Thanks for looking and have a great week!

  7. Bev

    Great example! My mushrooms are HERE

  8. Hi everyone,

    my postcard is on my blog

    Thanks for looking.

  9. Love that chimney on the mushroom Fatma!

    Here’s mine and happy Sunny Sunday!

  10. Donna

    Nice theme Fatma, thanks for hosting for us………here’s mine for this week…….

  11. http://w http

    the age of aquarius!

  12. Here is my piece.
    Thank you!

  13. It’s a lovely postcard, Leila, and thanks for a great theme – clearly, it’s brought out a lot of humour!

  14. taluula

    Love your sample Fatma.

    You can find mine on my blog.


  15. Fantastic card Fatma 🙂 Here’s my entry, thanks for looking!!


  16. Sue

    Not played here before but could not resist the theme this week!
    Here’s my entry

  17. taluula

    Fatma, this is a wonderful postcard.

  18. Brilliant inspiration piece Fatma!

    I have missed you SPA artists, time just seems to fly these days.
    My mushroom lady did not want to miss this chance to play 🙂

  19. Here are my postcard. Thank you for looking and have a nice day.

  20. Love the theme,
    here is my postcard

  21. Your sample is very spectacular . Great card

  22. yasmindeboo

    Sorry, my entry is rather late.

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