Good Morning Postcard Makers!

We are having a fruitful week this week…. of course there are lots of fruits to choose from… even a fruit salad! There’s lots of sayings… an apple a day, keeps the doctor away… if life gives you lemons made lemonade… and so on…

Hope you all enjoy this theme and we can’t wait to see your amazing fruitylicious creations!

sample by Mandy

Mandy & Donna xx


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34 responses to “Fruit

  1. You can find my entry here Thanks for looking!

  2. Mandy your entry is fantastic, I love it!

    My entry is on my blog:

    Have a great sunday!

  3. Apologies to Marleen for not being able to leave comments about her beautiful art again!

  4. Bev

    What a lovely example! I’m afraid I got a bit silly with this one. It’s HERE

  5. Great sample. 🙂

    Mine can be seen at my blog…Orange is the happiest color! TFL!


  6. Thanks for a interesting challenge! You can find my entry here.

  7. godd morning, 🙂

    here is my entry for this week!

  8. Here is mine:

    Thanks for the challenge — I’m looking forward to seeing what other people create!

  9. I’m a little late. Typepad was having some problems and I wasn’t able to publish my postcard image to my blog. It’s all fixed now.

    Here’s my entry:

  10. Hello! Here’s my first SPA card. Thanks for looking!

  11. Hurray! I learned how to do the embedded link –
    Hope it works! Click here

  12. audrey

    HI, meet Pia and her peachy life at my blog!!

  13. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

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