What a funky theme! love all those retro pictures of Hallowe’en, the pinups, the old trick or treaters pictures, Beistle hallowe’en decs have become synonymous with retro hallowe’en, and little children and pumpkins, just to inspire you a bit.

Kris is here again to further inspire you to join in and make some postcard art!


visit Kris’ blog here

Can’t wait to see all your creations.

Mandy, Donna and Kris xxx


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26 responses to “it’s a RETRO HALLOWE’EN

  1. Aah the good old days a much kinder and gentler Halloween…

  2. I enjoyed this so much! Here’s my contribution, on my blog.

  3. I just love the card here!!!!!!!!
    I also love retro!
    I am retro!!!!!

  4. Can’t wait to see what everyone creates! My postcard is posted on both of my blogs.

    TFL! xox Kris

  5. Love the Retro Halloween Theme…here is my digicard on my blog. Hope you Enjoy it!!!

  6. Don’t know how retro it is, but it’s definitely HALLOWEEN!! It’s on my blog at

    Thanks for the challenge!

  7. Oops…think you can reach my MAYBE RETRO Halloween at instead!


  8. This entry IS retro…finally!! 🙂

    THanks again for the challenge. It’s on my blof at:

  9. My postcard is on my blog here.

    I’m about a week behind on challenges and commenting. Thanks for looking.

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