Street Art

This week’s theme is STREET ART chosen by Sabine

There’s lots of styles of street art, of course, Banksy comes straight to mind, lots of pavement drawings and graffiti

here’s Sabine’s postcard to inspire us all

SPA StreetArt

remember to make your postcard 6 x 4″ in size but mostly have fun!

Mandy & Donna xx


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12 responses to “Street Art

  1. You can find my entry here Thanks for looking.


    A wonderful creative theme. My card is on my Foxglove Hollow blog.

  3. After not having a chance to play last week, I made sure I got an hour to play today! Loving this street art theme. Great example. My postcard is here:
    Thanks for looking.

  4. The sample piece is great!

    My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  5. What a fun theme! Mine is here

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