Man in the Moon

Deann always comes up with fantastic digital art and her Man in the Moon postcard is no exception. Add your own postcards, be they digital, drawn, stamped, collaged….just as long as they’re 6″ x 4″.



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18 responses to “Man in the Moon

  1. You can find my Card
    here Thanks for looking.

  2. Lovely sample! Here’s my card for the week: Dream Big! 🙂

  3. Great inspiration piece, Deann!

    My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  4. my moonman is here:

    and if anyone wants to scroll, I forgot to add to flames:

  5. Outstanding Deann! Mind is here

  6. Fab sample, Deann.
    My card is HERE.
    Thanks for visiting.

  7. Sorry, there is a wrong link. Here new:
    Card is on my glog HERE..

  8. Inventive sample, Deann…fun topic!
    My MAN is on my blog at:

  9. This is brilliant, Deann! It was definitely a challenge for me, but here is my postcard:

  10. Annie

    I really love your postcard! And this theme was actually on my mind. So my postcard is here:

  11. this is so dreamy and lovely! xo

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