This weeks theme was chosen by Hazel. Its a very fitting theme of Springtime! There are no limits or rules other than your postcards have to be 6×4 Inches in size! Hope you’re all further inspired by the nicer weather we have been having, here in England anyway!


Have fun everyone and see you all in a week!

Mandy xx


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23 responses to “Springtime

  1. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  2. I am logging on for Pippa you can see her postcard at:


  3. Gorgeous sample! Mine is here

  4. Love the bird!!! I decided to do one too, thanks for the inspiration!

  5. ozstuff08

    A beautiful, glowing look at springtime, Hazel. My picture is here:

  6. The birds fluttering around and singing is such a beautiful part of Spring. My postcard is here: http://freezeframe03.blogspot.com/2016/03/spring-button-winged-birdie.html

  7. Kim

    Love love love the yummy colors in this sample!


  8. sundaypostcardart

    What a beautiful postcard Hazel. Here is mine


    Happy easter everyone!

    Mandy xx

  9. Happy Easter everyone, I hope you lilke the theme, the link to my postcard is below. xxx Hazel.


  10. Beautiful sample card.
    Mine is HERE.

  11. stamprosie

    A lovely sample. Thank you for the challenge.

    here is my entry

    Thank you for looking and Happy Easter

  12. A great theme and wonderful postcards!
    Here is mine

    Thanks for looking and Happy Easter!

  13. Thanks for challenge 🙂

    HERE is my entry.

    Thanks for looking 🙂

  14. I tried a spring card too, here on my blog

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