Alter a Postcard

This week, Marion has challenged us to alter a postcard.

For this week, we’d like you to show your original postcard and then the altered one

Marion has altered the same postcard but two different ways

Firstly, this is the digitally altered postcardAltered Postcard digital 72dpi

and then the cut/paste/stamped postcardAltered Postcard embellished 72dpi

cannot wait to see your amazing artwork!

Mandy xx



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15 responses to “Alter a Postcard

  1. Here´s more information about my two altered cards – plus the original card:

  2. Above is my contribution ^^^ thank you. Happy Sunday everyone 😘

  3. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  4. LOVE those samples and had a great time with this theme! My postcard postcard is here:

  5. Amasing samples!
    My card is HERE.
    Thanks for looking.

  6. This is for Pippa’s Blog she can’t sign in at SPA for some reason

  7. Bev

    My altered postcard is on my blog HERE

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