This week, the wonderful Kay is hosting the postcard challenge. Kay decided on the theme of FEATHERS ….  this opens so many routes to go down…. birds, wings, dreamcatchers, headdresses with feathers. All sorts! Just go for it.

SPA 110517Remember to make your postcard 6 x 4 inches in size but you are welcome to use any medium you choose, even ‘real’ feathers would be fun.

Have Fun

Mandy xx



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12 responses to “Feathers

  1. The sample piece by Kay is beautiful.

    My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  2. Thanks for the invitation to host, Mandy, a bit outside of my comfort zone , but, in the end, a lot of fun! Here’s a direct link to my blog post: http://kaywallaceartjournaling.blogspot.com/2017/11/sunday-postcard-art-challenge-11052017.html?m=1

  3. You can find my Card here Thanks for looking.

  4. peggy gatto

    can’t post link!

  5. A gorgeous example Kay and a wonderful scripture…


  6. What a beautiful card! Love the scripture

  7. Hello creative friends! Here is my feathery work for the week. Peacock feather as backdrop. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 https://alteredgypsy.blogspot.com/2017/11/feathers.html

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