This week Amy is hosting spa for us with the theme of SLOTHS!

Here is her sample to inspire us,

You can visit Amy’s blog here-

Please remember to keep your postcard to 6×4 inches in size, but any and all mediums are welcome!

Have fun,

Mandy xx


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9 responses to “Sloths

  1. Deann Williams

    Thanks for visiting my sloth…

  2. Here is my entry:
    Thanks for looking &
    wonderful sunday 🙂

  3. My postcard is on my blog here.

    Thanks for looking.

  4. sundaypostcardart

    ive just finished mine… here it is… i tagged it onto the end of my skull post

  5. I’m late as usual but my post does include art using both this Sloth theme and the Seasons theme:
    LOVE Amy’s Sloth, so artistic! Thanks for the challenge and for looking! XOX

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