This week Sue from Instagram has made the sample for the theme of STARS! She was inspired by the song about Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Starry Night artwork by Don McLean.

You visit Sue’s instagram here where she posts her artwork:

Remember to keep your postcard to 6×4 inches in size, and have fun!

Mandy xx


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16 responses to “Stars

  1. What a great example, love it.
    here is my entry
    Thank you for loooking and happy Sunday

  2. Sim

    Beautiful tribute to Van Gogh Sue! I love it, BRAVO!
    My stars are HERE

  3. It’s a wonderful sample.
    Here is mine
    Thanks for looking.

  4. Fantastic art piece.

    My postcard is on my blog here.

    Note: Comments are currently disabled on my blog.

  5. Sim

    Anne, the reflection of the stars in the water inhabited by Koi carps is magnificent. The juxtaposition of images is very successful. What poetry and what beautiful work!

  6. All: I re-enabled comments on my blog. I need to embrace the positive, and ignore the negative.

    Sim – Thank you for that nice comment about my artwork that you left here. It made me realize I can’t let the negative comments on blogger get to me.

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